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Lunch Menu

Served Monday to Saturday, 11:30am until 5:00pm. Our menu runs all day Sunday.


Soup of the Day  –  £5.50

Fresh homemade soup of the day with crusty bread and salted butter.

Grilled Halloumi Small Plate  –  £5.95

Treat yourself to halloumi with a delicious sweet chilli dip. 

Black Pudding Stack  –  £6.50

Local black pudding, streaky bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce together are a match made in heaven. Presented stacked.

Baked Camembert for two  –  £12.50

Baked camembert infused with confit garlic and rosemary. Crusty bread and caramelised onion marmalade. To share. Ⓥ GF.

Nachos  –  £6.95

Chilli beef nachos, sour cream dip and cheese.

Fish Cakes  –  £6.95

Spiced haddock fish cakes served with tzatziki dip. GF.


Chilli Beef, Cheese & Sour Cream –  £7.25

Slow baked potato covered with chilli beef, cheese and sour cream.  Ultimate feel good food.

Smoked Haddock –  £7.50

Smoked haddock, creamy cheese and leak sauce on salt baked potato.

Cheese & Bean –  £6.95

This much loved classic is one of our firm favourites.  Slow baked potato with cheese and beans.

Tuna, Red Onion, Cheese & Mayo –  £7.25

Slow baked potato covered with tuna, red onion, cheese & mayo.


Hot Steak Baguette  –  £10.95

Premium bavette steak served hot and sliced into a warm crusty baguette with caramelised onion chutney. Served with fries.

Served medium rare as standard but available well done upon request. Delicious!

Hot Sausage Baguette & Caramelised Onion Chutney  –  £8.95

Locally sourced Cartmel valley sausage served hot in a warm crusty baguette with caramelised onion chutney. Served with fries.

Hot Cajun Chicken Baguette  –  £9.50

Cajun Chicken served hot in a warm crusty baguette. Served with fries.

Hot Tuna & Cheese Baguette  –  £8.95

Tuna & Cheese served hot in a warm crusty baguette. Served with fries.

Hot Ham & Cheese Baguette  –  £8.95

Ham & Cheese served hot in a warm crusty baguette. Served with fries.

Cheese & Pickle  Sandwich –  £6.50

Finest cheddar cheese, red onion marmalade and fresh crispy salad in a sandwich served with side of mixed leaves in balsamic and vegetable crisps. Ⓥ GF.

Beef & Horseradish Mayo Sandwich  –  £6.95

Beef and horseradish mayo in a sandwich served with vegetable crisps. GF.

Classic BLT Sandwich  –  £6.95

Smoked bacon, tomatoes, baby gem lettuce, free range mayo and vegetable crisps. GF.

Cajun Chicken, Red Onion Mayo Sandwich  –  £6.95

Cajun Chicken, bacon and red onion mayo served with vegetable crisps.  GF.

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich –  £6.50

Fresh free range eggs in light mayo and crispy salad in soft baked bread with a side of mixed leaves and vegetable crisps. Ⓥ GF.

Ham & English Mustard Sandwich  –  £6.95

Ham and English mustard in soft baked bread with a side of mixed leaves and vegetable crisps. GF.

A gluton-free option is available for all sandwiches. Please make this request with a member of staff when ordering.


Scampi  –  £12.95

A traditional pub classic that never tires. Fresh scampi, triple cooked chips, homemade tartar sauce and peas.

Classic Fish and Chips  –  £13.95

Beer battered haddock, triple cooked chips, mushy peas, homemade tartar sauce and lemon.

Homemade Steak &  Ale Pie – £14.95

Baked fresh to order . A proper full pie not just a  pastry top, exactly the way nature intended. With chips & seasonal greens. Please note 18 min cook time.

Cumberland Sausage – £11.95

Cumberland sausage, creamed potato, seasonal veg and homemade gravy.

Homemade Fennel, leek & Feta Pie – £11.95

Baked fresh to order. A proper full pie, not just a pastry top, exactly the way nature intended. With chips & seasonal greens. Please note 18 min cook time. 

Smoked Haddock Linguini – £13.95

Fresh smoked Haddock linguini, creamy fish sauce, parmesan and spring onions. Served with garlic bread.

Halloumi Stir Fry – £11.95

Halloumi, giant cous cous, basil oil, mediterranean vegetables, olives and fresh tomato.

Sirloin Steak – £19.95

Served with grilled mushrooms, tomato, chips and dressed leaves.

Add Dianne or peppercorn sauce for only £2.50. GF.

Gammon Steak – £11.95

Gammon, egg, salad and chips. GF.

Lasagne – £11.95

Homemade beef lasagne served with garlic bread.


The Fleece Classic Burger  –  £12.95

Hand pressed gourmet beef burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, gherkin and baby gem lettuce. With triple cooked chips. GF.

Philly Cheese Steak Burger – £13.95

Premium beef pattie, thinly sliced steak, philly cheese and gravy. With triple cooked chips. GF.

Hunters Chicken Burger – £13.95

Chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce in a brioche bun. With triple cooked chips. GF.

Veggie Supreme Burger – £11.95

Veggie pattie. Portobello mushroom, beetroot, goat’s cheese and balsamic. With triple cooked chips. Ⓥ GF.

The Godfather Burger – £14.95

Our ultimate burger. Two premium patties, smoked streaky bacon, extra cheese and onion rings. With triple cooked chips. GF.


Tuna Nicoise Salad  –  £8.95

Tuna, egg, green beans, new potatoes and anchovies. GF.

Chicken Caesar Salad  –  £9.95

Chicken Caesar with a fresh baby leaf salad. GF.

Halloumi, Olive & Mediterranean Vegetable Salad  –  £8.95

Halloumi with olives and a Mediterranean Vegetable Salad with fresh baby leaf. Ⓥ GF.

Add a cup of soup for just £2.50

or add fries/chips for £2.00!


Chocolate Brownie Sundae –  £6.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding –  £6.50

Deconstructed Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake –  £6.50

Cheeseboard –  £7.50

Handmade Ice Cream Selection –  £5.95

Pick any 3 from Madagascan Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Gingerbread, Rum & Raisin, Caramel & Honeycomb or crushed Strawberry. Ⓥ GF. (not Gingerbread)